Why Gluts Matter


The Gluteal muscles are crucial for daily function (i.e. standing from a seated position) Glutes stabilize the pelvis and keep the integrity of movement in the hip joint.
Gluteus Minimus: Abducts & Rotates Hip (helps with hip extension)
Gluteus Medius: Abducts & Rotates Hip
Gluteus Maximus: Extends & laterally rotates hip joint (helps with abduction & adduction of hip)


We like to give attention to all 3 muscles of the glutes however like to feature the gluteus medius as a STAR. The gluteus medius works with other muscles on the side of the hip to assist with pulling your thigh out to the side (called hip abduction). Having strong gluteal muscles is important for walking, balance. If weak or not activating they place a burden on your low back and hip flex.

3 Key Exercises